Read This Before You Watch “Tales from the Hood”

Our chronological series moves into new territories of Black representation with “Tales from the Hood” (1995), directed and co-written by Rusty Cundieff (with co-writer Darin Scott) and executive-produced by Spike Lee. With this film, we finally encounter a commercially successful horror film not only aimed at Black audiences but one with a Black director, BlackContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “Tales from the Hood””

Discussion Questions for “Tales from the Hood”

From its opening scenes, this film feels different from the other horror movies in our current series. How? Why? Describe our narrator, the mortician Mr. Simms. How is this framing device useful for the collection of short tales that follow and how does it link them together into a coherent narrative? What is the significanceContinue reading “Discussion Questions for “Tales from the Hood””