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Ready for round two? I’m offering two more FREE 5-week Media Studies Series for home study.

To register for classes, please email me at chuckcarusophd@gmail.com with the student name, grade level (age), student email address, and selected class. “Official” enrollment is limited to 20 students per class to guarantee that I will be able to provide substantive feedback to homework assignments. But anyone can follow along with us and use the materials I will be posting for free. (Fellow educators, please just give me credit if you decide to use my materials for other students.)

Unfortunately, I am not able to give students school “credits” for these classes at this time. Learning will have to be its own reward.

Donations are of course always welcome, but my goal here is to provide you and your families with some structured learning during this time when many students are without school.

Teens in the Teens

The popularity of Teen and Young Adult (YA) books and movies has exploded over the last few decades as young people have become increasingly active participants in this brave new digital world we inhabit. In this five-week series, we will watch some representative examples of films made about the teen experience in the new millennium.

Read more… https://professorchuck.com/2020/05/10/media-studies-teens-in-the-twenty-teens/

Current Trends in Horror

The past decade has witnessed a renaissance of sorts in the genre of horror films. Gone are the days of schlocky gore-fests, slasher franchises, and torture-porn. Not only have “elevated horror” films served to infuse new life into the genre, but they have also signaled a newfound respectability with larger audiences, wider acknowledgement from film critics, and even top awards from the film industry.

Read more… https://professorchuck.com/2020/05/10/media-studies-current-trends-in-horror-movies/

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