Discussion Questions for “Tales from the Hood”

From its opening scenes, this film feels different from the other horror movies in our current series. How? Why?

Describe our narrator, the mortician Mr. Simms. How is this framing device useful for the collection of short tales that follow and how does it link them together into a coherent narrative? What is the significance of his statement, “Sometimes reality is just a matter of perception”?

What happens in the first story about corrupt cops? How does it use horror tropes to explore and respond to the social issues it raises? 

What happens in Walter’s story? Who or what is the monster that terrorizes him? What does the episode suggest about the power of art?

What happens in the Duke’s story, the only episode featuring a white protagonist? How are horror tropes used to expose and to respond to historical and political issues?

What happens in the story of Jerome’s rehabilitation? What does the episode suggest about “breaking the chain” of Black violence against other Black people?

Published by Chuck Caruso

writer of dark fiction (crime, horror & western noir), literary & textual scholar (american gothic, noir, po-co, sf), and cultural critic

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