Wrap Up of “Zootopia”

Thanks to all of you who sent me answers to the discussion questions this week. You’re doing great work and getting a good handle on the classic elements of the hero’s quest. “Zootopia” was a little more challenging than “The Hunger Games,” but you were still able to spot all those steps along the wayContinue reading “Wrap Up of “Zootopia””

Discussion Questions for “Zootopia”

Write a paragraph or two in response to each of the following. Note that some of these questions are hard. The answers might not be obvious or might require you to explain in some detail to justify your answer. Do your best. You’ve got this! What is the Call to Adventure that starts the hero’sContinue reading “Discussion Questions for “Zootopia””

Read This Before You Watch “Zootopia”

Welcome back to another week of our media studies series on “The Hero’s Quest.” Big thanks to all of you who sent me your responses to our discussion questions about “The Hunger Games” last week. I’m so pleased to see how you were able to connect the classic elements of the narrative arc in aContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “Zootopia””