Read This Before You Watch “Under the Skin”

This week, as we transition away from our two-month spotlight on films written and directed by women, we’re taking a look at a fairly quiet, independent piece of science fiction horror. Starring Scarlett Johannson, “Under the Skin” (2013) was directed by Jonathan Glazer (better known for 2000’s “Sexy Beast”) who co-wrote the screenplay with WilliamContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “Under the Skin””

“Under the Skin” Discussion Questions

Write a paragraph or two responding to each of the following prompts: What is the significance of the title “Under the Skin”? As you explore you answers this question, be sure to consider the various literal and subjective implications of the phrase. One of the goals of both science fiction and horror is to allowContinue reading ““Under the Skin” Discussion Questions”