Wrap Up of “She’s the Man”

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the frantic silliness of “She’s the Man” with its update of Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. Did you catch the posters in the hallways of Illyria Prep announcing their high school production of As You Will? That’s the subtitle of the play and a nice, subtle nod to the sourceContinue reading “Wrap Up of “She’s the Man””

Discussion Questions for “She’s the Man”

Shakespeare’s plays are known for their soliloquies, long one-character speeches often delivered as “asides” where the character addresses the audience directly. This style of dialogue is not as popular now as it was in Shakespeare’s time, but it served the useful function of letting an audience know what a character is thinking and feeling. Below,Continue reading “Discussion Questions for “She’s the Man””

Read This Before You Watch “She’s the Man”

This week we continue the “Secret Shakespeare” media studies series with “She’s the Man” (2006), inspired by Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night, or As You Will (1600). I wanted to include this movie because it’s a fun and fairly faithful adaptation, and also because it features some characteristic elements you find in a lot of ShakespeareContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “She’s the Man””