Wrap Up of “Tigers Are Not Afraid”

Thanks to all those who sent me answers to my discussion questions about “Tigers Are Not Afraid” (2017). You all did an excellent job of exploring of the role tigers play in this film, from the title to the final scene. Like me, one of the things you seemed to most enjoy about this filmContinue reading “Wrap Up of “Tigers Are Not Afraid””

Read This Before You Watch “Tigers Are Not Afraid”

We’ve all seen plenty of horror movies where a plucky band of kids has to face down some monster out of a nightmare, but “Tigers Are Not Afraid” (2017) takes that familiar set-up and plants it inside the gritty social dystopian reality of Mexican slums where thousands of kids are killed or simply “disappear” everyContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “Tigers Are Not Afraid””

Discussion Questions for “Tigers Are Not Afraid”

Write a paragraph or two in response to each of the following prompts: As I often do, I’d like us to start with the title. Why is this movie called “Tigers Are Not Afraid”?  What is the larger significance of “tigers” in this film? What tigers do we see? This film is often referred toContinue reading “Discussion Questions for “Tigers Are Not Afraid””