Wrap Up of “Shakespeare in Love”

Thanks to all of you who joined our five-week exploration of “Secret Shakespeare: Covert Classics, vol. 1.” We’ve seen a nice range of movies, and I hope you’ve managed to learn a fair amount about Shakespeare’s enduring cultural influence. As you’ve discovered, without the frustration of having to actually read much Elizabethan English, the playsContinue reading “Wrap Up of “Shakespeare in Love””

Katniss and Peeta as “Star-Crossed Lovers”

The phrase “star-crossed lovers” originally comes from the Shakespeare play Romeo & Juliet, a tragedy about two teenagers from rival families who fall in love. Romeo and Juliet are doomed from start to finish. He’s a Montague and she’s a Capulet. Their families hate each other so much that they’re constantly having sword fights andContinue reading “Katniss and Peeta as “Star-Crossed Lovers””