Read This Before You Watch “Revenge”

We’re back this week with yet another fiercely grotesque and super-stylish French film, “Revenge” (2017), the debut action-horror movie written and directed by Coralie Fargeat. Starring Matilda Lutz in a powerful performance as the dangerously sexy Jennifer, a rape survivor out for the blood of the big-game hunters who victimized her and left her forContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “Revenge””

“Revenge” Discussion Questions

Write a paragraph or two in response to each of the following prompts: I always ask you to start by considering the title of the film, so is “Revenge” a simple, unadorned description of this film or is it something more? What cultural associations and moral implications does the word “revenge” carry with it? IsContinue reading ““Revenge” Discussion Questions”