Wrap Up of “Prevenge”

During its earliest scenes, “Prevenge” (2016) sort of tricks us into identifying and sympathizing with the protagonist Ruth. Even as she exposes herself to us as a serial killer, while we’re still struggling to understand the reasons behind these murders that we witness her committing, we feel at some level as if her victims haveContinue reading “Wrap Up of “Prevenge””

Read This Before You Watch “Prevenge”

Our horror film series this week turns away from the body horror of “Raw” and moves into the updated Greek revenge tragedy as comedy slasher film of writer-director Alice Lowe’s “Prevenge” (2016). While the movie starts with a bit of a slow-burn, once the plot gets going there’s definitely a lot going on here. You’llContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “Prevenge””

“Prevenge” Discussion Questions

Write a paragraph or two in response to each of the following prompts: My first question should never be a surprise anymore. What’s the significance of the title “Prevenge”? Okay, it’s a pun. But is it an apt one? Why or why not? And beyond that, we might want to explore a lot of theContinue reading ““Prevenge” Discussion Questions”