Read This Before You Watch “Jennifer’s Body”

Welcome to another exciting week of our horror film series. We’re wrapping up our two month focus on films written and direct by women by watching yet another Karyn Kusama film. As you’ll recall, she directed “The Invitation,” that slow-burn, death-cult suspense thriller we watched last month. This time we’re taking a look at herContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “Jennifer’s Body””

“Jennifer’s Body” Discussion Questions

Write a paragraph or two responding to each of the following prompts: What is the significance of the title “Jennifer’s Body”? When responding to this question, you may want to consider any horror genre tropes related to that particular name. Further, you might explore why the title of the film explicitly refers to her “body”Continue reading ““Jennifer’s Body” Discussion Questions”

Read This Before You Watch “The Invitation”

The first thing to know about “The Invitation” is that the production company behind this film, Gamechanger is an American company founded in 2013, devoted entirely to financing films by women and expanded into television and other digital content. According to Gamechanger’s website, the CEO Effie T. Brown “is broadening the fund’s scope to includeContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “The Invitation””