Read This Before You Watch “Eve’s Bayou”

Writer-director Kasi Lemmons’s brilliant feature debut “Eve’s Bayou” (1997) is probably not actually a “horror film” as we usually think of them. Yes, there are supernatural elements, including ghosts, psychic visions, and voodoo curses, but those elements suggest we view the film as more of a Southern Gothic tale than as outright horror. The settingsContinue reading “Read This Before You Watch “Eve’s Bayou””

Discussion Questions for “Eve’s Bayou”

Write a short paragraph or two in response to each of the following prompts. What is the significance of the title “Eve’s Bayou” and the back story told in voiceover by the title character Eve who is named after her family’s matriarch? Remember to consider the importance of the setting named in the title. DescribeContinue reading “Discussion Questions for “Eve’s Bayou””