Discussion Questions for “Lovecraft Country” Episodes 5 & 6

Write a paragraph or two in response to each of the following prompts.

What is the significance of the titles of these episodes, “Strange Case” and “Meet Me in Daegu”?

“Strange Case” (episode 5) uses supernatural elements to explore the issue of “passing”? What do her experiences as a white woman reveal to Ruby about the world around her? Why is she so critical of Tamara? What do the events of this episode reveal to Ruby about herself?

“Strange Case” ends with a startling revelation about William and Christina. What do you make of this turn of events? What does this discovery suggest about the intersection of race and gender roles?

In “Strange Case,” what connections can we find between Montrose’s story and Ruby’s? Why are these two stories told together?

“Meet Me in Daegu” (episode 6) concerns the familiar horror trope of demonic possession in the wake of evil actions, but why does the victim of evil become is perpetrator? Why does the kumiho have to kill 100 men to become human again? What happens when one refuses to participate in the cycle of violence and evil?

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writer of dark fiction (crime, horror & western noir), literary & textual scholar (american gothic, noir, po-co, sf), and cultural critic

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