Discussion Questions for “Lovecraft Country” Episodes 3 & 4

Write a paragraph or two in response to each of the following prompts.

What is the significance of the titles of these episodes, “Holy Ghost” and “A History of Violence”?

“Holy Ghost” (episode 3) employs many of the typical devices and tropes of a haunted house story, but it also adds a few innovations in keeping with the predominant themes of the overall series. Considering this episode as something of a stand-alone story for a moment, what are the conventional and expected elements of a haunted house story and how does this episode present them? What aspects of this story do you find more unique or even running somewhat counter to a typical haunted house narrative?

In “Holy Ghost,” why does Leti tell the various people in her life such different stories about where she gets the money to buy the Epstein House? What are her various goals with these different versions of her coming into money? What complications do they all entail?

“A History of Violence” (episode 4) turns the narrative focus again to the arcane research of Titus Braithwhite and the other members of his fraternal order into The Book of Names, which they believe will allow them to decipher the mythical “language of Adam.” What is the larger significance of language and naming in this series?

Both of these episodes contain significant scenes that show blood and/or bleeding. Analyze one (or more) of these scenes in some detail to explore the various meanings of blood.

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