Discussion Questions for “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Write a paragraph or two in response to each of the following. We know all these elements by heart now, but some of the answers might still be tricky so be sure to explain your answers. I’m eager to see your answers this week.

What is the Call to Adventure that starts the hero’s journey of Indiana Jones, the protagonist of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Does Indiana Jones have a Talisman? If so, what is this special object? How does it help him on his journey?

Who acts as Indy’s Mentor? Describe their relationship and how the Mentor helps him.

Who is Indy’s Antagonist? How is this character the same as Indy? How is he or she different from Indy?

Discuss the relationship between Indy and Marion. What is their connection? Does Marion serve as a sidekick figure to Indy? Why or why not?

During the Trials and Tribulations on this hero’s quest, what are some of the challenges Indiana Jones must overcome? Pay attention to both external and internal challenges?

What is Indy’s Final Test of Worthiness? Does this final test change him (or our understanding of him) in any way? Why or why not?

What is Indy’s Ultimate Boon and how is this reward at the end of his quest different from what he might have expected?

Extra Credit: What is the Major Dramatic Question? Remember that the MDQ is usually a yes or no question where we want the answer to be “yes” but we’re afraid it will be “no” because a variety of obstacles get in the way.

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